Essay about A Study On Native Americans

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After reading chapter six-fifteen in the Schaefer text, my knowledge on Minorities and how they were treated in the world has expanded. Each chapter discusses a specific minority group and their problems with being in a diverse society. In chapter 6, I read about Native Americans who are considered the first Americans. They had been misunderstood and ill-treated by the conquerors for several centuries. Today, the Native American population is split between those on and off reservations and those who live in small towns or central cities (Schaefer, 156). I also learned about them economically. Since, the have a pattern of low-wage employment, they differ in three areas: their roles in tourism, casino gambling, and government employee. Educational wise, the number of enrollment is really low. 15 percent of 16-to-24 year old Native Americans were high school dropouts. Lastly, I learned how healthcare is one of the broken promises for Native Americans. They are the group that is usually unable to afford health care and their medical needs are usually ignored. Overall, I learned a lot from this chapter and it really made me think of things differently. One sociological concept that helped me understand this chapter was Culture Shock. Culture Shock is the experience of disorientation and confusion one feels when confronted with a different culture. Native Americans going through the different stages of culture shock also helped with my learning in this chapter. I learned…

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