A Study On Morality Of Healthcare Policy And Biotechnology Related Issues

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Bioethics is the study about morality of healthcare policy and biotechnology related issues. As science and technology progresses over time, it is essential to evaluate the new innovations and procedures to avoid major problems. Before the advancement of technology, designer babies were an idea from a science fiction story. Designer baby is the term used to describe a child conceived from genetic engineering for the purpose of selecting special traits. Almost one million babies have been born since the first child conceived from assisted reproductive techniques in 1978 (Soni, 2006). Infertility affected 1 out of every 6 couples in western countries (Soni, 2006). Fifteen to twenty percent of males in western counties are affected by infertility (Soni, 2006). Genetic causes have a major role for the reason of infertility in must couples. Many of the causes for infertility include epigenetics, a female’s age, and certain diseases.
Infertility services that include diagnostics, counseling and treatments, were developed to help find a solution for patients who are not able to conceive. These services are also available for people who are able to have children but don’t want pass on genetic conditions to their offspring. Technology such as In Virto Fertilization (IVF) and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis has made it possible for parents to be able to avoid or select certain traits in their offspring (Bayefsky, 2015). This technology was originally created to avoid genetic…

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