A Study On Jan A 72 Year Old Woman Who Has Suffered A Cerebral Vascular Accident Cva Or Stroke

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Case Study: CVA
My case study is on Jan a 72-year-old woman who has suffered a cerebral vascular accident CVA or stroke. The damage is showing on her right side which means Jan suffered a left hemiplegia stroke which affects roughly 80% of the individuals who suffer strokes. A stroke occurs when oxygen and blood flow can no longer get to your brain whether it is stopped or interrupted. A stroke can also happen if there is a brain bleed (Alliana Health, 2013). There are two types of strokes hemorrhagic and ischemic, the latter is most common. There are also two main types of ischemic strokes. Thrombotic is the most common, it is when fatty plaque builds and attaches to the artery walls. This fatty plaque becomes thick and forms a barrier blocking normal blood flow to the brain. An Embolic stroke happens when plaque or a blood clot breaks off and travels to the brain (PubMed Health, 2014). In a hemorrhagic stroke when an artery in the brain has ruptured. There are two hemorrhagic strokes intracerebral and subarachnoid. In terms of the intracerebral stroke it is all in the name, intra it is happening in the brain. The blood vessels in the brain have ruptured and the brain is bleeding. As far as the subarachnoid stroke this is where the bleed is happening on the surface of the brain. The blood vessels have still ruptured but we have bleeding between our middle and inner layer of membranes that cover the brain (PubMed Health, 2014). Stroke is the primary cause of death in…

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