A Study On Hidden Curriculum Essays

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According to Dr. Stefani Boutelier former educator states, “A hidden curriculum can be defined as the lessons that are taught informally, and usually unintentionally, in a school system includes; behaviors, perspectives, and attitudes that students pick up while they 're at school. Students learn to form opinions and ideas about their environment and their classmates” (2003). My observation at Many Farms Community School with the 3rd grade class has been fun and a lot of work but there have been things that have been negative and positive. The negative aspects were the memorization, asking permission, copying spelling words, and positive would be very courteous.
First, one negative form of hidden curriculum where the students were memorizing the multiplication table from the 1’s place to the 10’s place. When observing my mentor she is teaching from her own experiences to where memorization was key to learning. That once was my own experience of my education as well because until I took math 280 fall of last year. I found out what an array was and how grouping could be used in division. The students didn’t know what an array was so I told them to use an array when they have trouble solving multiplication equations. They mainly struggle with the 6’s, 7’s, and 8’s place. Now when teaching the subject of math I get the students involved in solving problems on the board and expect them to use other manipulatives when solving math problems besides providing the answer to the…

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