Essay on A Study Of Social Behavior

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The main topic of this article is about a study of social behavior in a prison environment. In this study Dr. Zimbardo has fabricated the setting of a prison. The cells of this prison and the environment were very detail as possible as a real prison. This study was organized to provide an explanation why the condition of our penal system is so deplorable and has such negative effects in the behavior of the inmates and guards. Therefore, I believe the purpose of the Stanford Prison experiment is to grasp why guards and prisoners have a negative effect between each other. Also to understand the cause and effect on how people can behave and transform themselves in a completely different person by playing a specific role in the simulated prison, i.e. some of the people played the role as guards and others as prisoners. Being in jail is not something that everyone can handle well, whether you are there for a crime you have committed or wrongly accuse or pretending to be one of them. The nature of the penal system is so depressing that it creates a hostile environment for both the guards and inmates. Even though the penal system is not something that anyone dream of to experience at some point in their life, there are some researcher that are interested in understand why is causing such negative behavior among each other and maybe make better our penal system.
The methodology that the researchers used was quite simple; it was like a school play. Everyone had their role and the…

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