A Study Of Literary Merit Essay

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The study of literary merit appeared to be a study of questions. Finding answers to these questions as a senior in high school seemed challenging and maybe just a bit too ambitious. I was pulled down a rabbit hole. The swirling mass of ideas, questions, and conclusions continually contorting and transforming themselves into the most dizzying of arrays. After I found my footing at the bottom of the hole I looked around and saw that what had pulled me down was what I saw at the bottom, questions. Yet I began to realise the impact that those questions had on my studies. These questions have morphed and influenced so many different cultures but each and every one of those cultures altered them, even just a bit, to fit their unique perspectives. That is the beauty of the question about literary merit, it can be asked and defined and understood differently by every culture and generation. Literary merit will always be a question that gets to be studied and answered as the current generation feels fit. In the words of Joseph Campbell the hero, “evolves as the culture evolves.” (Joseph Campbell, Bill Moyers 3). Studying that statement impacted my view of what literary merit was and how actual characters in books could be seen through that lense. When I first decided to compare S.E. Hinton’s book The Outsiders and The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger I thought that they were so well written and similar that it was unbelievable that only one of the novels was on the AP list of…

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