A Study Of Geography Is Appropriate At This Age Essay

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A scope and sequence of a given grade is the framework for which teachers based their year’s lessons on. The scope and sequence must take into account where the average given students cognitive development has reach to focus the material on concepts that they are ready for. For this paper, I choose to take a deeper look at a third grade scope and sequence. Third graders are generally eight years of age they have reach a point in their lives that they becoming more active in school and developing very distinct personalities. From Vastswimming website, we can see that by the age of 8 children are “becoming more aware of adult world and his place in it” (Vastswimming, Age Developmental Characteristics) developing an understanding of where they are and where their history comes from becomes to be important information. This is one of the reason’s a study of geography is appropriate at this age. Knowing where they are located in the world will give this age group a sense of being part of a global community. In the expanding communities scope and sequence developed by Paul Hanna in the 1940’s the sequence is characterized by “concentric circles with the individual at the center (starting point of social studies instruction), progressing from self to the family, school, neighborhood, state, nation, and international community” (Duplass, p. 58). Many schools’ have adapted this sequence and “Community and Geography” is one of the topics that appears in the third grade section.…

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