A Study Of Crime And Crime Essay example

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When looking at the study of crime and in particular the recording of crime statistics, you have to consider why some acts will be seen as deviant and others will not, why people might report some crimes and not others as well as why the police will record some crimes and not others. Therefore it does depend on nature of the act and what other people do about crime as argued by Becker (1963:14). Arguably what other people do about crime can be interpreted in two ways; if other people do something about crime like report it or if other people do nothing about crime. At least 3 things must happen before a crime is recorded; it must come to someone’s attention that a crime has taken place, it must be reported to a relevant agency and the agency must be willing to accept that the law has been broken (Haralambos, 2008, p.329).
It could be argued that whether or not an act violates some rule depends on whether people believe that the act is morally acceptable or whether the act violates what they believe to be morally acceptable. This would be supported by Chambliss (1976, cited in Haralambos, 2008, p.341) where he argues that much of what takes place in the creation of rules is ‘non-decision making’ whereby some situations might be legally defined as criminal if the ruling class didn’t control beliefs about what should and shouldn’t be defined as such. This suggests that it depends on the beliefs of the ruling class whether an act should be criminal or not and this could also…

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