A Streetcar Named Desire By Tennessee Williams Essay example

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The play “A Streetcar Named Desire” by Tennessee Williams proposes a confusing moral puzzle to its audience. The audience harbors extremely polar views for Blanche’s role, which array from praising her even though she is a fallen southern belle to damning her a mentally unstable prostitute. Most interpret Blanche’s downward spiral as a demonstration of sympathy from Williams due to her circumstances and disapproval of the society. Williams’ play demonstrates how all these circumstances destroy Blanche’s self-esteem. One traumatic event in Blanche’s life is the reason her character appears pitiful and insecure to the readers and other characters.
The events that led to a major change in Blanche’s mental outlook on life permanently damaged her self-esteem. The first traumatic event that happened to Blanche was the passing of her husband who she married at a very young age. Some of the audience may feel that Blanche is cruel for not supporting her husband when he admits to her that he is a homosexual and that, maybe, that’s the reason he committed suicide, because he had no support in such a prejudicial time period. His death begins her downward spiral in which her self-esteem begins to plummet. Later in the story, Blanche admits, “After the death of Allan- intimacies with strangers was all I seemed able to fill my empty heart with… I think it was panic, just panic that drove me…” and that she went on to sleep with a seventeen year old student (1838). This moment reveals that…

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