A Streetcar Named Desire Analysis Essay

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The play “A Streetcar Named Desire” by Tennessee Williams proposes a confusing moral puzzle to its audience. The audience harbors extremely polar views for Blanche’s role, which array from praising her even though she is a fallen southern belle to damning her a mentally unstable prostitute. Most interpret Blanche’s downward spiral as a demonstration of sympathy from Williams due to her circumstances and disapproval of the society. Williams’ play demonstrates how all these circumstances destroy Blanche’s self-esteem. One traumatic event in Blanche’s life is the reason her character appears pitiful and insecure to the readers and other characters.
The events that led to a major change in Blanche’s mental outlook on life permanently damaged her
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Her sister was loving and understanding enough to allow her to come stay with her and her husband, the morally bankrupt Stanley. It is apparent that Stella is uncomfortable around her sister because it had been a long time since they have been in each other’s presence and is avoiding saying the wrong thing to her. Blanche, however, has no problem speaking her mind. She clearly expresses that she does not think her sister should be living in such conditions, for she lives a very “high-class” lifestyle. However, it is all a lie. Obviously, Blanche and her sister are not very close at all because Stella is the one person who was willing to reach out and help her sister in her hard times, but Blanche so easily lies to her sister and her fake personality never wavers throughout the play. When talking about Mitch, Blanche’s new boyfriend who she claims she wants to marry to fix all of her problems, she says, “They think a girl over thirty out to – the vulgar term – “put out.”… And I – I’m not “putting out.” Of course he – he doesn’t know – I mean I haven’t informed him – of my real age” (1812). Perhaps she is a compulsive liar, or perhaps it is due to her consistent alcohol use. It seems that everyone Blanche is acquainted with in the play has no idea what type of person she actually is because she is always lying to them. The only person who seems to intimidate

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