A Story About Courage, But My Story Doesn 't Start With Me Essay

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They told me to write a story about courage, but my story doesn 't start with me. It starts four generations ago, back when real courage first surfaced in my family.It started with a man named Louis.

Louis was my great grandfather, back in the day he was a marine in world war two, and in the military they taught him mannerisms and common courtesy along with the skills needed to fight, he would have been punished if there was one wrinkle on his fatigues. All this being said because the military taught him manners, and yes, his actions and combat there were honorable and make me proud, but I want us to focus on the values they teach you. in basic training they teach you a warriors ethos, and this ethos says to always put the mission first, to never lead a fallen comrade, to never give up, and to never accept defeat. It seems these values were passed down from generation to generation, and eventually became a part of my family as a whole. But enough of that, lets get back to the story, he was a vet fresh out of war with the scars still fresh, he had a son, by the name of Delvin Louis, my grandfather. Louis had a hard time getting a job because of the economy, so he stuck with what he knew, using his strength, he became a lumberjack. In the lumber buisness there are many accidents that leave people crippled, one day he was working and chopping a tree, and it fell on him. He lost his left leg that day, he was only in his thirties, so his son had to be the man of the family, at…

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