A Statement Of Weather Or Not Hacking Is A Criminal Activity Essay

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This report will look in depth at the statement of weather or not hacking is a criminal activity. Firstly, looking at the definition of computer crime and identifying the correlations and differences between traditional crime and computer crime. Similarly looking at criminal activity and what criminal activity is. Also looking at hacking and how it is defined, before finally making a final critical opinion if ‘hacking is not a criminal activity’ or not and look at the law and legal issues that outline the subject. Finally the report will conclude by discussing the findings made during the research.
Computer Crime definition (205)

Computer crime, also known as cybercrime happens when a crime is committed involving the use of technology such as a computer or other peripheral normally with the aid of the Internet, or a mobile device. This is different from a traditional crime, which can usually involve theft, violence or illegal distribution amongst others. As identified by Johnson (2005) “In the mid-1960s our nation experienced its first series of criminal activity in which a computer was used as an instrument to perpetrate an economic crime.” (Johnson, 2005, p.1) From here computer crime escalated rapidly with the rapid improvement of technology as indicated by Norton in their report 2012 Norton Cybercrime Report (2012) the global price tag of consumer cybercrime was $110 billion.

There are still many correlations between traditional crime and computer crime, such as…

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