Essay about A Speech On The Sun

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The sun prepared to shine its to shine its brilliance when my Head General Palma bust through my doors. She placed her weapon over her head and bowed.

“What has troubled the watch at the Ferrum *iron* Gate on this hour?” I turned around from looking at the fading moon to her.

“The Magus Magnus *great wizard* Gandalf the Gray has just passed through our borders with a request to talk to you. He says the news he has to bring you caries utmost importance,” she answered in a labored and rushed voice.

“Let him in,” I ordered, rushing to my closet.

“Yes My Lady,” and she left. I grabbed a black dress and a pair of light, form fitting dark red armor and put it on. I quickly walked down the black marble stairs. Heading over to the front door, I passed my maid cleaning up the marble dining table.

“Fidelis,” I called to my maid running to the front door. My skirt flung out behind me, following my every move.

“Yes My Lady?” she ran beside me ready for any orders that I need to give her.

“Gandalf the Gray will be arriving soon,” She ran next to me down a few marble steps and to the front door. I flung the doors opened just as Gandalf entered the Castle walls. He rode to the end of the white marble stairs and jumped off of his horse.

“May I present Gandalf the Gray,” A guard announced. Ignoring his entrance Gandalf ran up the steps panting heavily.

“It 's been found!” he puffed. My eyes widened with fear. He can’t be talking about.

“What has been found?” I asked not ready to…

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