A Speech On The Nervous Anxiety Essay

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We have all experienced stuttering in one form or another. The nervous anxiety we feel before giving a presentation, getting ready for your first big interview, or even just a simple phone call can trigger the onset of stuttering. Stuttering, stammering, or childhood onset fluency disorder is a speech disorder that disrupts the normal flow of speech. A normal flow of speech includes seamless continuity, sound rate of speech, overall rhythm, and how much effort it takes for one to talk. A disruption in any one or more of those, points to a speech disorder. More than 3 million people have been diagnosed with chronic stuttering (Barber, n.d.). People who stutter have no trouble in knowing what they want to say, but the problem lies in executing it (“What is Stuttering? - National Stuttering association,” n.d.). Words, sounds, or phrases tend to be repeated or prolonged. This in itself is not a major problem, but adults who stutter tend to withhold vocalizing their thoughts aloud, which can severely hinder a person’s quality of life. Stuttering is a normal part of young children learning how to speak; yet sometimes when stuttering persists into adulthood, it can be considered a chronic condition. Today, there is no one discernible etiology for stuttering. Many point to traumatic events and parenting styles as the main cause. Although there are many who believe that abnormal genes and inhibited brain function may be the cause.

There are many proposed causes for stuttering.…

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