A Song Of Myself By Emily Dickinson And Walt Whitman Essay

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Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman were two highly influential poets from America during the 1800’s; critics as being radical as it rejected the traditional conventions of death in a dominantly Puritan state describe their poetry. Both poets were fascinated by the theme death throughout their poetry, although their depictions of death were different, both poets shared the similar concept that death leads to immortality and therefore should be embraced. However, despite sharing similarities in their overall message, both Whitman and Dickinson possessed unique writing styles different from the other. This can be seen in Whitman’s epic A Song of Myself, which employs the use of free verse; a form not constricted by regular rhyme or meter. Dickinson’s poem The Chariot contrast Whitman’s lengthy and descriptive epic as it has regulated quatrain stanzas and a strict meter. Moreover The Chariot utilizes short sentences with language that’s symbolic as opposed to A Song of Myself, which uses lengthy descriptions to create the image for the reader. The reason why both poets had different styles of writing is due to the different backgrounds they originated from. Dickinson was raised by a strictly puritan and was well educated; Whitman on the other hand came from a working class background.

It can be interpreted that Whitman and Dickinson’s poetry share similar concepts and ideas, as both poets possessed a unique fascination towards death, moreover both poets seem to embrace the…

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