Essay on A Similar Gender Discrimination Issue

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A similar gender discrimination issue going on on a smaller scale in Buenos Aires, Argentina, showcases the true reason for a lack of support for female sports. In a small town in Buenos Aires, the football pitch is a public place, yet only the boys seem to be using it. In 2007, Santino, a former soccer player and first woman to coach in the Argentine Football Association, started an organization to get more females playing soccer. Although they practice twice a week, the pitch is often taken over by the boys who believe they have more of a right to it (Frayssinet). When the Argentinian National Team loses at the international level, Santino says, “the brutal criticism starts: that the Argentine jersey can 't be sullied, or that the country can 't be publicly embarrassed that way. But you can see here that we don 't have the infrastructure. Their arguments are really unfair” (Frayssinet). Just as in other countries, women’s soccer isn’t seen as “a good show; and doesn’t generate money” which deters investors (Frayssinet). It is the misconceptions about women’s sports, however, that hold people back from helping them to prosper. Just as in the U.S. it is hard for people to see the value of women’s soccer when it has yet to draw a lot of attention on its own. It is unfair, however, because they need help with the foundation so they can build from there, but investors believe that if it hasn’t happened on its own, it won’t happen with their help; a completely false,…

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