Essay on A Short Note On The Chinese Communist Party

1479 Words Apr 24th, 2016 6 Pages
In 2016, the Chinese Communist Party celebrated over sixty-seven years in power. Founded in 1949, the People’s Republic of China has been able to survive terrible human tragedies and political upheavals. Examples include the Great Famine and Mao’s Cultural Revolution of 1966-76. While China modeled its system after the Soviet Union, the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party has been unique in overcoming its tragedies, and China has emerged as a powerful and dynamic superpower under the Party. In 2013, the Party consisted of over 85 million members, more than double that of membership during Chairman Mao’s rule. Its current President, Xi Jinping, is facing immense challenges stemming from its economic woes and Western-influenced growing middle class. The Chinese government has relied on the the nation’s strong economy to legitimize the regime but with the recent economic crash, many citizens are beginning to attack the Chinese government. Xi Jinping must look to the future of the nation and examine how its stagnant economy currently operates, especially with China’s aging labor force. Specifically, President Xi Jinping should shift China’s economy from investment in exports towards innovation and increased consumption. Once investment is reduced, people must be incentivized to pursue private consumption to bring money back into the economy. However, decreased investment will lead to people losing their jobs. In 2009, the Chinese Communist Party focused its policy…

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