A Short Note On Strong Relationships Foster Happiness Essay

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Strong Relationships Foster Happiness Aristotle was once quoted as saying “Happiness depends on ourselves.” Ironically, loneliness is rarely associated with happiness. Aristotle does agree “friendship is one of the most important virtues”(The Pursuit of Happiness). People are meant to be in relationships with others. This isn’t new news, even Adam wasn’t left alone in the garden; he was given Eve. Since 1943 Maslow’s pyramid has included relationships as a basic human need. Close relationships increase self-esteem, sense of purpose, and even reduce stress. It’s no surprise that close friendships would also promote feelings of happiness. People with stronger relationships with friends and/or family members are happier. However, some will argue it doesn’t matter how many friends someone has or even if they have close family ties because happiness is built into DNA. They claim people have a gene that increases serotin, the chemical that determines feelings of happiness or those of depression (Happiness is All in the DNA). It is a true statement that serotin is a part of our DNA, but so many other factors contribute to a person’s feelings of contentment. Several factors can increase serotin levels such as sunlight, exercise, massage and remembering happy events (Boosting your Serotin Activity). If outside factors can influence someone’s serotin level, how can it pre-determine a person’s capacity to feel happiness? Research has shown “close relationships contribute to…

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