A Short Note On Social Anxiety Disorder And Anxiety Disorders

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In the case of Nadine, we are observing extreme symptoms of anxiety involving any kind of interaction with people outside of her home. Although her mother describes her behavior as “long withstanding shyness”, her inability to speak, compelled confinement to her house, and panic-related somatic responses when interacting with others suggest a much more severe diagnoses than “long withstanding shyness”. We think that it is most appropriate to diagnose Nadine with Social Anxiety Disorder, F40.10. Also applicable to Nadine is Other Personal Risk Factors, Z91.89.
Nadine meets all of the diagnostic criteria to be diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder in accordance with the DSM V. She has marked fear or anxiety regarding potential scrutiny from others [Criteria A] as shown by her feelings that, “It was impossible to walk into a restaurant and order from a stranger at the counter for fear of being humiliated.” Nadine expresses a fear of acting in a way that will show her anxiety symptoms, which will then be negatively evaluated by others [Criteria B] proven when she says she, “Felt unable to venture into public spaces and felt increasingly embarrassed by her inability to develop the sort of independence typical of a 15 year old.” Any kind of social situation almost always provokes fear or anxiety [Criteria C] and we see this criterion in Nadine from her refusal to leave her home by herself out of fear that she would have to interact with someone. She also found herself…

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