A Short Note On Eating

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Eating was always a grueling task for me. As a child, I was a very picky eater, plus I would take a long time to eat anything. My parents would always get frustrated because they wanted to clean up, but I was still sitting at the table. I don’t think they ever thought my battle with food would escalate this much,
Junior year was when it all went ballistic. I originally had to go to the doctor to be evaluated for Depression. The first appointment I had the weighed me, did my blood pressure, all the normal things a doctor will do. By the end he told me I had Depression and should start medication then come back in two weeks for a checkup. So that’s what I did. Two weeks later, I came back. My doctor did the regular doctor duties. This time when
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I stopped eating completely. No breakfast, lunch, or snacks. The only meal I would eat was dinner because of my parents. Even then, I would do an hour of exercise every night to try to burn off the calories. During that time, I also went to a festival for four days. We had all our meals there. Well, my peers did. I played with my food, then threw it out or gave it away. I liked how I looked. They wanted me to be fat.
I created a tumblr to go along with what I was doing. It was filled “thinsperation” pictures. I was constantly looking at skinny girls and striving to be like them, making weight goals for myself, and following other blogs on Tumblr that did the same thing. I was obsessed. My size 00 jeans were too big after just a few days. I had went out and bought caffeine pills to block my hunger. I loved how much control I had over my
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I had to go to Hershey and my therapist once a week none instead of twice a week. My parents scheduled a time for breakfast in the morning and we would eat as a family. During school, I would go to the nurse 's office and eat there. My mom would email the nurse what I had packed, they would make sure I didn’t throw anything out, they supervised me, then checked my lunch box at the end to make sure everything was gone. Everything was about me was watched. I couldn’t even shower or use the restroom too close to the end of meals because they feared I would throw up. I lost all

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