Essay On Sonnet 104 Fever

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Imagine having a 104 fever and being rushed to the hospital. Then you wake up laying in the hospital bed unable to eat, sleep or breath and soon realize you can’t even walk around or even take a shower by yourself. I felt like a helpless person not being able to do anything for myself.
It started about a week before my sophomore year started. I was at my boyfriend’s house feeling sick but I thought it was just a bug or something. I should have known something else was wrong because I was having problems with a UTI (urinary tract infection) a couple days before I went to his house. I realized I was more sick than I thought when I started throwing up. It happened in the middle of the night so no one heard me and I waited to tell Jon (my boyfriend) till that next
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During the second day I was there I couldn’t stop coughing and my ribs felt like someone was ripping them out. I could only take short small breaths. Turns out I had the IV fluid going into my lungs because I had already went through 8 IV bags. The doctors told me that I needed to get the water out fast because if I didn’t I could get pneumonia. The doctors said that the only way to get the water out was to make myself cough and walk around. But the problem with that was I was so weak from the lack of sleep and food, plus I was in so much pain! Every time I got up to walk i would shake and cry. My mom would have to hold me up on one side and I would have to hold myself up on the IV machine on the other side, as I walked up and down the hospital halls. On the third day about 4pm I found out what was wrong with me. The doctor came in and told me the news, “Well you sure were sick! You had a UTI, infection in your bladder and in your kidneys plus you had that fluid start filling up in your lungs! Next time let’s not wait a week to come to the doctors. If you were to wait another couple of days you would be in serious trouble!” After the doctor left a nurse came

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