A Short Note On Depression And Depression - Diagnosed With Depression

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Diagnosed With Depression As I was preparing to look for a volunteer for this report, I happened to run into an old buddy of mine from high school. He has long been diagnosed with depression and Being Bipolar. This led me to go ahead and ask him if he would be willing to volunteer for my school paper, which he reluctantly said no. So I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. Later that day I went to my aunt’s house to visit my cousin who was down from San Marcos for the weekend. As we began to catch up I couldn’t help but ask her how she was doing after her parents’ divorce. I could immediately tell that upon touching that subject, she was overwhelmed her many emotions. This in turn sparked an interest in me to see if I could possibly try and convince her to be interviewed by me. She was unsure at first but when I told her that this could possibly serve as a stress reliever for her and who better than me, her cousin. So she finally said yes and we went back to her room where we could talk in private and I began to look for questions to ask her along with writing some of my own. I asked her several questions but I’m primarily going to focus on five questions which I asked her that I believe held the highest importance in the entire interview. Accordingly, the interview seemed to initially stir up mixed emotions at first within my cousin but she knew that she was withholding so much anger and sadness that she needed someone to hear her out. Before beginning the…

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