A Serious Issue Of Capital Punishment Essay

1487 Words Dec 22nd, 2015 null Page
A serious issue that occurs in the Death Row process is inconsistency. A vast majority of the time the process is unfair towards minorities which makes the process unreliable. For example, a situation that may occur is a white man and a minority may both commit a murder, but the minority has a higher chance of finding himself a spot on death row than the white man would. John Stevens states, that a “significant concern is the risk of discriminatory application of the death penalty. While that risk has been dramatically reduced, the Court has allowed it to continue to play an unacceptable role in capital cases” (qtd in Stevens 1). John Stevens States in the his article, that “biased jurors, and discriminatory application of death penalty cases work to create a real risk of wrongful convictions” (qtd in Stevens 1). This is another reason why Capital Punishment should be illegal in the United States, simply because the process has bias tendencies and often is unfair in the courtroom. One way the Death Penalty being illegal could be extremely beneficial, is because these murders have the potential to become better people. These inmates could become better people and possibly help other people who were in their shoes before they made the mistake of killing. They could also help troubled teenagers who are going down the wrong path through prison programs such as “Scared straight”, and potentially change their lives to steer them in the right direction to avoid imprisonment. A…

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