A Separate Peace By John Knowles Essay

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The John Knowles’ book “A Separate Peace” sets the point of view of the book from the view of the narrator. The book contains the ideal high school life with scenarios that teens can relate to. We are given the knowledge of multiple characters in the book each having their own unique personality. Finny in particular is probably one of the most unique characters mentioned in the book. He sets the image for what we consider to be the ideal high school teenage boy. Throughout the book the author subtly brings out Phineas’ true colors. Although Phineas is the ideal figure for a high school adolescent, his actions appear to be compared to those of a child, which establishes that Phineas has the mental capability of a child rather than those of a matured young adult . His actions and the way he chooses to do things. The narrator portrays him in such a manner that it becomes so evident to the reader that such accusations are true. First, Guys have an ideal image of what they want to be like in high school. That Ideal image consists of being sporty, smart, or someone who can stay true to who they are without losing themselves along the way. In the book, A Separate Peace, that’s exactly how the character Finny comes off, as the ideal high school student. The sporty cool kids that everyone seems to know in high school. He sets the ideal image for these teenage boys because no matter what sport he played or what he did he always came out on top. He managed to get away with almost…

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