A Separate Peace And Phineas In A Separate Peace

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Can one split decision change a way someone lives? John Knowles the author of A Separate Peace and the director of School Ties both touch on the effect of how one's actions change the course of events. In A Separate Peace Gene actions cause Phineas's life to take a turn for the worst. In School Ties David Green gets a scholarship to go a Christian high school and gets bullied for his religion. In school a boy named David did the Nazi salute while the Pledge of Allegiance was being said triggering the students in class to rebel against his actions.The boys in A Separate Peace struggle with the human tendency to think before acting on impulse likewise,this tendency impacts people like David Green from School Ties and myself.
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The seniors were suffering through their longest and last week of high school. Throughout my years of schooling I have heard my fair share of Nazi and Jew jokes many of them are stupid and I ignore them. It happened during Holocaust remembrance week, the week we remember all those lost during WWII, when this incident happened. In a science room on a chilly spring morning the announcements rolled and the Pledge started. A loud rustling Was heard as everyone stood up to pay their respects by placing their hand over their hearts. Well not all, one boy David had his arm straight out in the Nazi salute. In a split second my day turned upside down I felt rage boil up inside my waiting to explode.different thought were racing through my mind from how can someone be so disrespectful to how is it that I am the only one that cares?. Surely I could not have been the only one outraged and offended by this action and just as I was about to step in and knock some sense into David someone stepped in. People started to protest against David telling him that what he was doing was disrespectful and that he should stop. Amongst my rage I felt pride swell up inside of me people were standing up and defending the Jewish people and those who serve. People who did not even know their was a Jewish person in the room. To hear others defend my right and pride to be Jewish it was something I was not used to. Of course I have had my friend defend me in public before but never random people in my classes. David of course laughed it off saying that we could not take a joke; though nobody else was laughing at his “joke”. David could not understand that his “joke” was offence till the other students in my class started renounce his

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