A Rough Time Into North America Essay examples

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Britons had a rough time transitioning into North America. They took land away from natives there through force and continued their hostile takeover to keep their claims. Once the “mainland” Britons realized that the settlements had been peaceful, they expected that the new colonies would become focused on creating profits for the British Empire. However, with a large distance between the two parts of the empire, those in America felt as if they were separate from the rest of the empire. This, in the minds of the colonists, meant that they should focus on how to improve their land and culture there, considering that Britain did not care to ensure their happiness within the empire. This feeling of desire for independence festered and grew worse over time and with the implementation of rules regarding taxes, slavery, and more. These rules were oblivious to colonial desires since they came from across the ocean, angering the colonists to the point of separation from the rest of the empire. This fight was a bloody one, creating many captives from both sides of the fight. This argument was caused over a desire for an individual life, not just an improved trading system to profit an empire that was focused on England. Learning from the violence and fears of those in American colonies, Britons were able to utilize this when thinking about how to approach India. India, being a large country with a large population and little ambition outside of continuing to provide for…

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