A Rose For Emily By William Faulkner Essay

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William Faulkner writes “A Rose for Emily” to deliver the tone of the south by addressing the madness, time, social values, and symbolism of the south through a short story about Emily Grierson. Faulkner’s work is Southern Gothic literature. Many of Faulkner’s works involve the history of the South as he uses unusual imagery to depict the decay and corruption of the South. He became one of the first writers in this genre that is known as Southern Gothic literature.
The Construction of Madness and Symbolism
This literary piece provided an understanding about the unreasonable thought process of a desperate and lonely woman. The lack of exposure not can only riddled her mind but her ability to accept Homer not wanting her for more than fun. The selfishness of her thinking is so narcissistic and inhuman. One can only believe she was mentally ill following the pattern of her family history. It is extremely puzzling why the town people would cover the smell of death oppose to investigating where the smell was coming from. The entire town notices Homer took missing, she was no longer seen with him and the smell of death was surrounding the house. It should have been clear how severely mentally ill she was when she kept her father’s body for six months- she kept the body for so long they made her give it back.
Individuals within Jefferson (Miss Emily, the older men and ladies, the town leaders), he seems to be utilizing them as symbols for the more sizably…

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