A Rose For Emily By William Faulkner Essay

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Throughout a person 's life they will encounter hardships that they cannot seem to face. Many hardships come from dealing with death situations and even letting a loved one go. However, coping with the situations that come tumbling down on someone can define a person’s being. Dealing with the problem itself is overwhelming and can lead up to crimes. In the short story “A Rose for Emily” Emily was controlled by her own father that turned her into a controlling person as well. Emily is all alone and all the townspeople nearby assumes the worst of her. Additionally, in the short story “A Rose for Emily”, Faulkner writes about how Emily does not receive any type of affection from anyone she loves. The outcome of not receiving any love, it leads Emily to do the unexpected. Furthermore, in “A Rose for Emily” there are several different characteristic characters that were mentioned. The main character, Emily Grierson is not your typical lady she is mysterious, muted, and a dark figure. Emily Grierson was lonely after her father died, never really interacted with the people in her town. Emily Grierson is a static character because her father gave money to the town. Which created a stuck up attitude for Emily and her father, Mr. Grierson. Which caused them to think they were above everybody else, which in fact they were not. Homer Barron was a flat character because it did not describe the way he acted. However, Homer was Emily’s first lover, but according to him, he was into men.…

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