A Rose For Emily By William Faulkner Essay

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In the short story “A Rose for Emily” William Faulkner discusses several traits of Miss Emily. In the story Miss Emily has recently passed away. A townsperson is giving us a brief summary of Miss Emily and her life. The townsperson also discusses some traits of Miss Emily. The three defining traits of Miss Emily are her strength, loneliness, and her stubbornness. Miss Emily demonstrates the strength to go on despite her struggles. At one point the townspeople were saying among each other “She will kill herself” (34). Miss Emily chooses to go on living her life her way regardless of how the townspeople are talking about her. The townspeople also state that Miss Emily killing herself is the best thing she can do for herself (34). Miss Emily demonstrates strength when she chooses to ignore the talk of the townspeople and holds her head high. When it is Miss Emily’s time to go she chooses to go on her own terms (35). Miss Emily told no one in the town she was ill. That alone symbolizes her strength to go on to her next life on her own terms rather than going when the townspeople encouraged her to kill herself in the past. Additionally, when Miss Emily is standing in her parlor with the men this symbolizes her strength (31). Miss Emily symbolizes her strength because she chooses to stand up to the men rather than back down from the men. In addition to Miss Emily’s strength is her loneliness. Miss Emily keeps Homer Barron in the upstairs portion of her house for years on end.…

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