A Rise Of ° C Essay

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A rise of 2°C is considered the most the Earth could tolerate without risking catastrophic changes to food production, sea levels, fishing, wildlife, deserts and water reserves. Even if rises are pegged at 2°C, scientists say this will still destroy most coral reefs and glaciers and melt significant parts of the Greenland ice cap, and bringing major rises in sea levels. Various countries have pledged to cut carbon emissions for the Paris Climate Agreement, however, it is unlikely that many countries will be able to meet their marks and consequently have troubles meeting the 2°C mark. The Grantham Research Institute found that there are currently around 50bn tons of CO2 a year, will still rise over the next 15 years, even if all the national pledges made to the UN are implemented. The institute’s figures suggest they will reach 55bn to 60bn by 2030. To put that figure in context, the world will have to cut emissions to 36bn billion tons of carbon to have a 50-50 chance of keeping temperatures below 2°C, scientists have calculated. Thus, it is imperative to start figuring out how much climate change will cost society.

There is little consensus on how much it will actually cost society if climate change reaches the 2°C mark. However, the NRDC estimates in there “The Cost of Climate Change: What We’ll Pay if Global Warming Continues Unchecked” report that that if present warming trends continue, the total cost of global warming will be as high as 3.6 percent of gross domestic…

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