A Review On The Epidemic Of Adolescent Suicides Essay

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A Review on the Epidemic of Adolescent Suicides

Suicide is one of the most saddening topics to discuss. As a whole, suicide is awful. However, the population that I find the most concerning is adolescents. Sadly, suicide is the third leading cause of death in adolescents. With an influx of bullying and society’s ideals of perfection, there is no wonder how a depressed teen’s fixation on suicide is fed. In order to investigate the topic, I read three peer reviewed journals discussing teen suicide. All of which I found disheartening yet informative.
In “Death Will Abide”: A Mediation on an Adolescent Suicide, Ellen Lambert discusses the suicide of one of her english students as well as the presence of suicide in literature. Her article also demonstrates how her school’s community came together in the aftermath of Teddy’s death. A particular part of Lambert’s article that I enjoyed was the controversy of her curriculum after the tragic incident. The school wanted her to remove the novel The Sound and the Fury, which describing a character’s suicide attempt, from her lesson plan. Even though she obliged in the removal of books involving suicide, former students found the novel to be helpful in their understanding of suicide. “One of them said how much it had helped them, in trying to understand the mystery of Teddy 's death, to think back to our classroom discussions about Quentin, to know what could…

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