A Review On Related Literatures Essay

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A review of related literatures
Twitter is a platform concentrating a great amount of information. The rise of platforms which produce tons of data, like online reviews sites and blogs, brings challenges and opportunities to social research. Because with the technology of information and computer science, the possibility of knowing the views in publics’ mind is improved. There is no denying that Twitter plays an important role in progress of social interaction. For example, in Iran general election of 2009, when newspapers and blogs were under the surveillance of Iranian government, citizens immediately tweeted the latest news on Twitter in demonstration places around the whole country. And main stream news institutions around world quoted tweets in their reports. After this protest happened, the Iranian government started to keep control of the message with all their strength. This action caused to the trend of changing the place of residence in personal information. In the worldwide, Twitter users responded to the call to modify current residence to Riyadh. In addition to being used in political event, Twitter played a role in charity work. American Red Cross appealed for donations on Twitter and many celebrities joined in this movement.
In recent years, social media can be seen in everywhere, and it plays an important role in the processes of social network and information distribution. However, mass information on websites like Twitter has not been exploited thoroughly.…

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