A Review Of Engineering Communism : How Tow Americans Spied Essay

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A Review of Engineering Communism: how tow americans spied for stalin and funded the soviet silicon valley Engineering Communism is the story of two men who would leave the United States to pursue their dreams of Communism and to support the country of Russia. Joel Barr and Alfred Sarant both Jewish men from New York would go on from being members of the local communist party to being the innovators behind much of the technological advances of the Cold War Soviet Union. Barr and Sarant would go from humble origins to spies for the largest Communist ring and eventually becoming leading engineers in Russia itself, but ultimately their quest for the perfect communist world would meet with harsh reality. Barr and Sarant began on separate paths. Joel Barr was directly impacted by the great depression of the 30’s. Like many families, especially Jewish ones, Barr’s family faced loss of income and eventually eviction. The depression and how it impacted him lead Barr to view Capitalists as greedy and evil while he and many others were drawn to communist feeling that was “in the air.” Page 7 Communist propaganda such as newspapers and movies painted the picture that Russia was a “worker’s paradise” where financial troubles did not exist. Page 7 In 1936 City College of New York (CCNY) was a hotbed for the communist movement and it was there that Barr met Earl Browder who was the face of the CPUSA (Communist Party of the United States of America) and unbeknownst to most under…

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