A Research Study On Situational Awareness Inventory ( Mai ) Essay

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One thousand one hundred and thirty-eight university undergraduate psychology students enrolled in a survey to test their metacognitive awareness inventory (MAI) and scored their uncertainty or certainty about their academic performance as part of an essential introductory course assignment.

The instruments the participants were given included a 52-item questionnaire that each participant self-scored to find out their individual MAI score. The MAI score is important for improving one’s academic performance and gaining more metacognitive awareness. This will be more efficient in managing metacognitive skills. The skills that were scored for the MAI overall knowledge of cognition include: declaration of knowledge, procedure knowledge, conditional knowledge, and over all knowledge of cognition. The other set of skills scored were the regulation of cognition consisting of: planning, information management strategies, comprehension monitoring, debugging strategies, and evaluation. These all become an overall regulation of cognition score. The higher in the overall score and in the different subcomponents, the more metacogntively aware a person is. The other instrument used to determine one’s metacognitive awareness was the uncertainty scale. The scale was rated from zero to one-hundred and the participants ranked themselves on the scale based on if they think they are highly certain or not at all certain. This is reverse scoring on the scale.…

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