Essay A Research Proposal And Not An Actual Research Experiment

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Discussion This study has obvious limitations. The most relative limitation is that the results of this study have yet to be tested. This is a research proposal and not an actual research experiment.
Therefore, not purposely, numbers are most likely not the same of individuals’ actual participating in the study. This proposal only gives us a preview of what findings we anticipate. Second, the female population suggested in this study is from the cities in Rwanda and there are many variables, such as income, access to transportation, medical care, housing, English speaking, and environmental factors that may influences the outcome of PTSD symptoms being reduced by TFT than women who live in rural areas and often lack many of the cities resources. Third, there may be cultural limitations, including but not limited to it is concerned a sign of weakness when one asks for help, mental illness has a stigma attached, fear, and a lack of trusting westerners with their personal stories. These are among a few of the barriers that may affect the success of the TFT treatment and therefore it’s outcome. Lastly, the target population for this study is women survivors of the 1994 Rwanda genocide. This is a specific population within a specific country, from specific cities. Therefore, this study cannot assume that all people worldwide who suffer from PTSD will benefit from Thought Field Therapy. Taking into consideration these limitations, a trained team of local leaders and…

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