A Research On Social Psychology Studies Essay

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Attraction has been the focus of many social psychology studies. It is a difficult to study and standardize because of the subjective nature of the phenomenon and the vast amount of factors which can affect it. Jessica Tracy and Alec Beall attempt to narrow down attraction in terms of gender-specific priorities of emotional expressions in the peer-reviewed article, Happy Guys Finish Last: The Impact of Emotion Expressions on Sexual Attraction, published in 2011 in the psychology journal, Emotion. In 2008, Popular press magazine Psychology Today focused on more general gender-specific trends in sexual attraction in their article, Fast Forces of Attraction. In their study, Jessica Tracy and Alec Beall aimed to determine how varying degrees of happiness, pride, and shame affect sexual attractiveness, with an emphasis on the differences in priorities among men and women. Pride signifies high status, while shame signifies low status and a violation of social norm. Happiness signals friendliness and approachability. The hypothesis of the article was based on previous research on gender-specific mating strategies. Tracy and Beall hypothesized that women find male pride display most attractive, since they tend to seek partners who are reliable providers, while men focus on happiness, since they “place higher value on a potential mate’s health, and receptivity to sexual relationships.” They predict that shame will reduce attractiveness in males, but may increase attractiveness of…

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