A Research On Robotic Surgery Essay

740 Words Feb 5th, 2016 3 Pages
My first topic I chose was challenging when it came down to the researching process of my project. It was hard to locate credible sources. I don’t think my argument provided enough details. I could not find any information when it came to searching for academics articles from the library database. In the end result, I decided to change my argument and narrowing it down so it wouldn’t be so broad. My current argument is that robotic surgery is more precise, which reduces rick, incision and shortens recovery. Upon, searching for information in the library data bases, I found it useful to use keywords such as, “Robots and Surgery.” When I typed these two words in the search engine it made it easier, as it provided me with a lists of different articles.

According to Surgical Robots Deliver Care More Precisely, “…out any human intervention, surgical “robots” are essentially devices that augment and assist surgeons during procedures by enhancing the facility,vision,and accuracy of human surgeons.”(14). Surgeons embrace technology, the robots have become more sufficient and helpful during surgeries. This leads more hospitals today to incorporate technology, specifically robotic technology. One particular systems hospitals use is the Da Vinci system. The Da Vinci system is designed to assist and provide a helping hand to the surgeon. Also, during a typical procedure the surgeon sits at a control console, which they’re able to see a close up of the person’s…

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