A Research On Discount Tire Essay

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Background In the Business world it is the norm that to be considered to be one of the biggest companies, the company needs to be on a global scale. Forbes top 10 companies as far as revenue, those top ten companies all operate on a global scale . So for this many companies in today’s world are focused on being able to expand to a global market. This allowing them to show that they are growing as a company and are now able to consider themselves as one of the elite companies. This seems to one of the major stereotypes today that unless you are global that you are not big or successful. I don’t believe that the stereotype is true there are many Forbes companies that are very successful that as for right now are making it big.
Discount tire is a company that was started in 1960 by a gentlemen that goes by the name of Bruce Halle. The business started when Mr. Halle took over an old shacked up plumber building and made it to a single building that contains a couple tires. He was able to grow from a single maned operation to now “the largest single wheel and tire dealer in the entire world” . Mr. Bruce Halle realized that in order for his new and rather small business to excel in a commodity market, a market were the difference between products is at minimum if any. He would need to improve the customer experience to improve the value of his brand Mr. Halle being the man he is said that the company’s growth and overall success was because of his employees, which I currently…

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