A Report On The United States Essay

1778 Words Nov 16th, 2016 8 Pages
I want to start this weekly update by quickly updating that Joscelyn and I talked more, and we figured out that the check sheet that I began to work on last week is the one she gets to do vetting, and the official website of Nexus Strategy is the one which she uses to get people’s jobs information. It is nice to know that what I am doing is helpful. In addition, Cooper is up in the poll by 5 points now. People in the office is optimistic about the result, but at the same time, nobody thinks they can take a break. It is what I like about campaign work, which is that people are always alert and doing something.

The first presidential debate happened this week, and I had a discussion with my boyfriend, who thinks that Trump tried to sell his idea of managing US as a business. Partly agreed with him, I argued that Trump did put his opinion of governing as a businessman out there, but it was not his goal in the first presidential debate. Trump’s big idea of managing the country is not new to the public, so he did not need to mainly sell his main idea, since his supporters have already fell for the business idea. I think he tried to trap Hillary into scandals and to reinforce the notion that, Hillary is not better than him, and to win over undecided voters. Therefore, when he was talking, he spent most of his time trying to draw blame toward Hillary. Trump does not have any specific policy ideas but ideologies that some groups of people want to hear, so he was trying to depict…

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