A Report On The Testing Stream Water Essay

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In the testing stream water there will be nitrates, phosphates, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, different temperatures, and pH levels.The most important factor to stream testing is the temperature of the water. If the temperature increases the amount of dissolved oxygen decreases. (EPA and Staff, 2012)Phosphates are present in the water through human and animal wastes. (Oram, no date) Phosphates are used in laundry soaps, cleaners, industrial effluents, and fertilizers. (Oram, no date) Nitrates are used in fertilizers, rodenticides, and food preservatives.Turbidity is caused by sediment or other pollutants and causes the water to appear murky or cloudy. (2008) The pH can be changed by some of the rocks in the water, such as limestone which neutralizes the acid in the water. (Oram, no date) “Nitrates are forms of nitrogen and is found in several different forms in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems”. Nitrates in the water are caused by wastewater treatment plants, runoff from fertilized yards, and crop land. (EPA, 2009) Nitrates are found in proteins, and are always being recycled by plants and animals. “Bacteria in water quickly convert nitrates [NO2-] to nitrates [NO3-].” (Nitrate-Nitrogen Water Quality Information, no date) “When testing nitrate levels it should be kept below 25 mg/L, but levels up to 100 mg/L has shown to be non- toxic to fish.” If the nitrate levels suddenly change, fish can go into nitrate shock, killing the fish. The level of nitrate in the water…

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