A Report On The Tenax Corporation Has Some Reasonable Prices For Their Plastic Fences

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The Tenax Corporation has some reasonable prices for their plastic fences. They might seem to be a little expensive considering you are buying a plastic fence and not a traditional metal fence which most everyone is used to. Their prices range from as low as $14.99 a roll for simple home and garden fence that is like mesh fence (Ace Hardware, 2016). Then they have the median price of about $50 which is like the heavy duty safety fences (Ace Hardware, 2016). Then they have the really expensive product which cost about $130 which is like there tall deer fences that they sell (Ace Hardware, 2016). All of these fences can be bought from Ace Hardware is which where I found these prices from. So if you were buying this you might think it was a little expensive to buy a plastic fence that you think will not last as long as the tradition metal fences would. The only thing is that Tenax has facts to show the consumers why the plastic fence might cost a little more but will still last a long time. This company’s prices their product by being a top of line product that only uses raw material which makes it safer since they do to have the harmful chemicals in the plastic the competitors have. The reason the competitors have harmful chemicals in their product is because they use recycled plastic which has chemicals in from the previous uses (Tenax, 2016). Tenax strategy on pricing their products I believe can be described in two strategies. The strategies are as followed are…

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