A Report On The Patrol Essay

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On Thursday, December 23, 2016 at approximately 1402 hours I was on duty, in full uniform and driving a marked patrol unit. I was dispatch to 907 Doran for an unwanted subject. I arrived on scene and exited my patrol vehicle I observe a female by the name of Denise Leon from previous contacts pushing a red grocery cart. I asked Leon if I could speak to her, Leon said “yes” I asked Leon where she was coming from, Leon stated from 907 Doran. I asked Leon if she had any altercations with anyone and she said “no.” Leon also stated her uncle lives at 907 Doran and had just left to the Lemoore Tachi palace.
As I was speaking to Leon I observed Leon was very nervous and unsteady on her feet, and could not stand still. Leon keep on looking away from me. I then asked Leon when the last time she had used any drugs, Leon stated she was clean. I then asked Leon when was the last time she used Methamphetamines Leon said about 12 hours ago.
At approximately 1421 hours, I conducted an under the influence evaluation on Leon. I checked Leon ' pulse on her left wrist and it was approximately 100 BPM. Leon was not displaying horizontal or vertical gaze nystagmus and her eyes did not displayed convergence.
I again checked Leon ' pulse on her left wrist and it was approximately 114 BPM. I then completed a pupillary comparison using my Drug Abuse Recognition Card. I checked Leon ' pupil in room light and observed them to be approximately 2.0 mm and in darkness…

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