A Report On The Car Essay

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I. Introduction : (1 page)
As Josie drove down the road with her husband Mark in tow, her car began to sputter. Soon billows of smoke began to emit from her car and she knew she had to stop. She popped the hood, got out the car and began to examine the engine. Mark called out from the passenger side of the car and inquired if she required assistance. He knew better than to stop her while she was diagnosing her car. A few minutes later she stopped tinkering and asked mark to call a tow truck. After about 30 minutes and a few necessary adjustments, Josie recognized the rattling of a tow truck advancing. As the man approached the car, he glanced over quickly at Josie, in her bright pink dress and polka dot heels and smiled. He nodded a brief hello and walked over to the passenger side where Mark was seated. He lowered his head and calmly said... Good Afternoon Sir, what seems to be the problem?
II. Literature and Research
As a member of generation X, I’ve always been told a woman can do anything a man can do and sometimes can do it better. As the years go by, I’m beginning to realize that although we have been indoctrinated with this rhetoric, many women are still “choosing” not to. Through this recognition, I sought to gain an understanding of the logic that pilots the dissuasion of woman from activities that have “formerly” been perceived as male-oriented.
In 1920, the 19th amendment granted women the right to vote. With this amendment left the misguided impression on…

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