A Report On Honeybee Crisis Essay

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Honeybee Crisis
In Brief:
- The population of honeybees is at a steady decline due to a recent disorder in hives
- Scientist are desperately trying to find the cause of the phenomenon, and potential solutions to save these pollinators
- If nothing is done to help this situation, not only will many produce that humans consume daily may become unavailable, but over two-thirds of plants throughout the entire world

Think of all the produce you buy and consume on a daily basis. Now, imagine if over half of them became unavailable to you, having practically disappeared from agricultural fields. Fruits like strawberries and apples, vegetables such as cucumbers, peppers, and cabbage, and even seeds such as coffee, cashews, and almonds, would be scarce and almost nonexistent.
This may seem like a ridiculous and improbable scenario at first glance. The truth is that this reality is not too far away. A vast majority of plants, organisms, and at least a 40% of all produce in the United States, relies on pollinators, especially the European honeybee, to reproduce. Unfortunately, there has been a noticeable disappearance of hives over the past ten years.
If the population of honeybees continues to decline as it has been for the past decade, plants that rely solely on them for pollination will most surely perish within the next 20 years. Because of their importance in both ecosystems and agriculture and their consistent decrease in populations, honeybees are being researched at a faster…

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