A Report On Fugro Lads Corporation Essay

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Fugro LADS Corporation shall as far as is reasonably practicable eliminate or control hazards in the workplace, in accordance with the hierarchy of control. PPE shall only be implemented as a control measure:
■ Where it is not reasonably practicable to eliminate or minimise risks through other control measures; or
■ In conjunction with the implementation of other control measures.

5.1 Managing Director
The Managing Director is accountable for implementing this procedure within Fugro LADS Corporation.
5.2 Managers
FLC Managers (Department Heads, Contract Managers, Project Managers, Party Chiefs, Site Managers, etc.) are responsible for ensuring that this PPE procedure is implemented within their work areas and/or activities under their control. This includes ensuring:
■ A risk assessment is conducted to determine effective controls and PPE required
■ PPE is provided free of charge to workers where required
■ Personal protective equipment (PPE) is used properly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions
■ PPE fits correctly and is reasonably comfortable for the worker who is to use or wear it
■ PPE does not interfere with any medical conditions of the worker using the PPE
■ Workers are instructed and trained in how to use, maintain and store the PPE
■ Appropriate signs are used to remind workers where PPE must be worn
■ Periodic assessments are carried out to ensure PPE is used properly and is effective, and
■ PPE is replaced when it…

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