A Report On Child Abuse Essay

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A survey done in 2005 found that 64% of women who experienced physical assault and 81.1% of women who experienced sexual assault did not report it to police. The statement "victims of abuse only have themselves to blame as they are the ones who don 't remove themselves from the situation" is very incorrect. Many things stop victims of abuse from removing themselves from the situation these include; Isolation, the fear of your children getting hurt, financial reasons and many more.

Isolation is one factor that may stop victims of abuse from removing themselves from the situation. Being isolated could mean being on a property away from support like police and neighbours. Not being able to get quick help, would make it harder to get away because there are more chances of being caught or stop. Victims of abuse that are Isolated are forced to stay as there are limited options to gain help. Catherine Smith is a mother of six. She went through sadistic violence that was described as being among the most extreme ever witnessed in Australia, so bad that she even attempted to murder her husband to keep herself and her children safe. Her story was covered on Australian Story, the episode Til Death Do Us Part was aired on September 1st, 2008. Catherine had tried to escape multiple times from her husband. Living on a property made it very hard for Catherine to get away and her husband recognised this. In the interview she recounts a night when she was dragged out of her house by the…

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