A Reflective Study On Adoptees Taken Out By Mednick Et Al Essay

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Criminology Essay LO2

A reflective study on adoptees taken out by Mednick et al (1987) focused on court convictions in Denmark and established that there were 14,000 adoptees within the small European country. He wanted to examine the relationship between the adoptees criminal convictions and the convictions of their adoptive and biological parents. Mednick then looked through the data that was based on a register of adoptees in Denmark, which has information on them and their biological and adoptive parents. Then if any of the parents had court convictions, they were used as a basis for criminal involvement. When investigating both parents and the adoptees, the details included there sex, date of birth, occupation, address etc. All this information gave an indication of the adoptees socioeconomic status, and whether it was a genetic or environment factor that influenced them in their criminal behaviour. The study showed that if both the adoptive and biological parents did not have any criminal records, only 13.5% of the adoptees would be convicted of a crime. However, if the adoptive parent had a criminal record, the percentage would rise to 14.7% and if the biological parent had a criminal record it would rise even higher to 20%. Lastly, if both biological and adoptive parents had a criminal record, 24.5% of the adoptees would be convicted of a crime. Therefore, the conclusion drawn from these findings are that it shows a genetic basis mostly. This is because he found…

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