Essay on A Reflection On The And Blade Society

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“Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, so most people don’t recognize them.” This quote by Ann Landers meticulously perceives most of what my colleagues succumb to on a daily basis. I strongly accredit that I recognize and accommodate these opportunities, which is why I have relented to taking the fortuity of being in the Scabbard and Blade society. I should be designated for Scabbard and Blade because of my day-to-day delegation of the Five Star Qualities of Scabbard and Blade. Honor is a trait that portrays high respect and obligation towards something or someone. There are many key traits that are classified under honor, such as loyalty, efficiency, courage, obedience, and good fellowship. I demonstrate loyalty under many circumstances on a daily basis. I am uncharacteristically loyal to my school, family, and team. Mariner High School is a very honorable place where ordinary people make obligations to teach the youth of America, and that is something that should be respected on a very high note. I stay loyal to my family by offering guidance and contributing to daily life to ease the stress of everyone. Another association I am loyal to would be the Triton Brigade. I am currently serving the Drill and Academic Teams for the second year. I continue to come to practices and participate and cooperate with all 110% effort everyday I step into the classroom. Another key trait of honor I delegate would be efficiency. I am indubitably efficient when doing my…

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