A Reflection On My Life Essay

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One time when our family went to visit my grandpa Levi and Grandma Emma for a fun family gathering, my mother walked in on my Aunt Avery, Sean’s Wife, and my Father. Aunt Avery had her hands down my father’s pants. My mother was so upset, but once again, my father lied and said it didn’t happen.
I have wished it wasn’t possible for me to have the memories I do from such a young age because then I wouldn’t have to admit it happened to me. I wish I was too young to remember anything regarding my life. Or if I do remember, I would only remember happy times or hear amusing stories from relatives, like when I became stuck in the wooden kitchen chair and my mom called the fire department to remove me. She says the firefighters used the jaws of life to cut me out. She loves to tell this story.
But to say I only remember some memories, the loving ones, is simply not true. I do remember detestable times and I have not forgotten. My heart drops and my body tingles with fear as I remember. I wanted to forget, and for a time I tried so hard to so I could pretend they did not exist. I desperately would try to block bad memories that I kept hidden so well in my deep dark dungeon , so they would stay there and never come out to haunt me. But I can’t deny them any longer. I have to get them out to tell my story so I can move on. I want to be free. Along with the happy, came the disgusting.
Instead of letting myself remember what happened, I use to justify it was my mother changing my…

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