A Reader Pope Urban II Essay

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According to the first four accounts by Fulcher of Chartres, Robert the Monk, Baldric of Dol and Guibert of Nogent in chapter two of The Crusades: A Reader Pope Urban II called upon all of the Christians (the wealthy, the poor, knights, farmers, father, son) in Europe and neighboring regions to come together as one force and to travel to the Jerusalem (The Holy Land) to take it back from the wicked and sinful who have apprehended it and take it back from those who oppose Christianity. Though the accounts of the four individuals mentioned above differ from one another all four do relate in the way that the say to stop the fighting and warfare among one another and to take anger and hatred and use it to defeat these infidels who have slain many who believe in Christ and humiliated and then made slaves to those who survived. What was said above gives a short interpretation of what the idea and mission was behind the journey to Jerusalem according to the accounts of Pope Urban II and the four individuals mentioned. When Robert the Monk gave his speech to a council all the men sitting at the table said “It is the will of God”. This quote seemed to fill in how every Christian felt and they would avenge their brothers and sisters in Jerusalem by fighting off only the infidels the ones who went against Christ and the Christian religion. After reading the accounts of how the journey to Jerusalem went the idea of only killing infidels was quickly changed. It seemed as the crusaders…

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